Triglavian Language & Culture

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The Triglavians first appeared in the Corrupted Trinary Data Vaults via their script; an almost runic alphabet based around triangles. Since then more information has been recovered, although, to date, no actual Triglavian has been seen.

Corrupted Trinary Data Vault
Triglavian Language

The first pieces of data recovered from the Abyss came from blueprints for Triglavian vessels, only one of which had ever been since in New Eden. These provided the first tantalising glimpses into Triglavian culture.

Damavik Blueprint Text

The obvious point is that Triglavian society is organised into Clades and Subclades. This is an important clue; "Far removed as the Second Empire survivors may be in history, we of the Directorate can recognize them as our own without much trouble. At least, cladistically speaking.” Veniel, a Jovian, speaking in Inheritance. Which means that using terms like Clade is a Jovian cultural idiom and therefore points to the Triglavians being, in some way, related to the Jove. Possibly an ancient splinter group or faction.

The language used is odd, maybe archaic, understandable if its a group that have been separated from the rest of humanity for possibly millenia. After studying the snippets for a while it becomes easy. The Damavik blueprint becomes a standard after the Damavik Subclade proves their design is superior to that produced by the Samovda Subclade. The Strategic Troika are in charge of assigning them. Troika is another odd word that appears a lot. It appears to refer to some kind of operational, or command unit, probably composed of a Narodnya, a Koschoi and a Navka that make joint decisons.

Vedmak Blueprint Text

Another similar passage, the '3 tactical troika classification' being the frigate and the '81' the cruiser model. The interesting word in this piece is 'cladeflow', from studying a number of these passages cladeflow appears to be a cultural body of knowledge. Like the internet, or an intranet. If the Triglavians are a Jovian faction then it makes sense that they have advanced infomorph systems, fast communication and able to transfer snippets of information as ideas. A lot of the data that has been extracted seems almost idiogrammatic in nature.

Leshak Blueprint Text

This piece is more of the same, the battleship model is now the '729' and the Veles Clade issued the design without proving its worth after some kind of group meeting of 'Triglav Outside the Struggle'. There are three primary Clades; Veles, Svarog and Perun, they act like they are in charge of the main body of Triglavians. The 'Struggle' is another important word. Some of this leads in to out of character speculation but it seems to be part of the large story line. A single line in Templar One; “There were clues, even back then,” Grious said, “about the Enheduanni’s struggle.” This is explained in detail elsewhere but it points to the Triglavians being Enheduanni in origin and there being two groups, one being the Triglavians as encountered in the Abyss and a second group, working in secret within New Eden. The 'Struggle' being their efforts to guide New Eden societies in the direction they see as ideal.

Multibody Pylon Text
Deviant Automata Suppressor Text

The next two items to appear came from investigating the Triglavian Pylons. The first being about a Triglavian Multibody Tracking Pylon being deployed, and the second regarding Deviant Automata; Rogue Drones. It also introduces the concepts of 'Sobornost' and 'Poshlost' which are central to the Triglavian ethos. Sobornost is anything which is in line with Triglavian ideals and something which promotes the common good. Poshlost is the antithesis of that. From an out of character perspective, like the majority of Triglavian terms, they are both Slavic/Russian in origin. Makes sense, the Drifters, and the jovians to an extent, have a kind of Greek theme going on and its likely that the groups that settled New Eden retained some sense of their ancient heritages.

The other term is 'Noema', which really means an idea, or proposal. These are put forward in a group meeting and then analysed, and a decision is made which is best for the common good. Its a term that is used a lot, and the fact that it is an idea may well refer to the way information is communicated in an infomorphic society.

Deviant Automata
Navka Overmind

From analysing the terminology, Narodnya refers to the common people, the Koschoi are the Triglavian Capsuleers and the Navka are, well the Navka. There simply is not enough information at present to be absolutely certain. In Triglavian society they act as advisors, in the context of the snippets in which they are mentioned. The word Navka literally means 'souls of the dead'. Nav in Slavic folklore refers to the souls of the dead, and Ka is an Egyptian term for a similar thing. In Egyptian mythology the Ka is the part that leaves the body thus causing death and uniting the Ka and the Ba in the afterlife creates an entity known as an Akh, which means 'effective one' Does this mean that the Navka are dismebodied spirits? Perhaps the infomorphs of Triglavian capsuleers who were unable to survive the Jovian disease and are preserved in some kind of device developed from the cloning technology we are familiar with but able to interact with the world at large. They are almost certainly ethereal in some way, and there are a number of possibilities. Most of the evidence points towards the Triglavians being, at least partially, Enheduanni in origin. They are cited as being "The undisputed masters of virtual worlds, able to create parallel existences almost indistinguishable from reality, as well as a new clone anatomy that allowed seamless passage between the two.” by Grious in Templar One. It makes a lot of sense that, having lost the original Construct, they created another. The original was the key to their technological superiority. They had rules, 'One mind, one body,' but times change and that might not be a rule anymore. It means looking at things from an out of character point of view but the options are that the inhabitants are, as above, Triglavians who have lost their bodies. Again from Grious, who is an AI ghost in Templar One; "The Jove imprinted on the memory stack of this AI no longer exists." Perhaps Triglavians that have volunteered to populate the Construct, due to 'cladistic mortification.' Its even vaguely possible that they are survivors, or synthetic sentients, from the original construct, although that seems unlikely. Maybe even newly created synthetic sentients. They provide a lot of fuel for tinfoiling.

The following series of fragments come from the Secrets of the Abyss Event, where CONCORD's suspect flagging system was disabled and Capsuleers were rewarded by a 'Mysterious Sponsor.' These are Datastream Intercepts, recovered from Triglavian Cache Data Vaults, which are obtained by feeding the Bioadaptive Caches found in Abyssal Space with Triglavian Survey Data

Ancient Enemy Azdaja #1

The AEA set refer to the "Ancient Enemy Azdaja." A group the Triglavians obviously encountered some time in the distant and have a long-standing enmity towards. From the Intercepts they are definitely 'Shoot On Sight'.

Ancient Enemy Azdaja #2

The only logical candidate appears to be the Drifters. They, in turn, trace their heritage to the Jovian Tyrants of the Second Empire, more evidence pointing to Triglavians having a Jovian ancestry. The Triglavians fight them and find the Leshak proves effective against them.

Ancient Enemy Azdaja #3

Augmented Foreign Narodnya #1

Augmented Foreign Narodnya are the next subject dealt with by the intercepts. Strangely, that's us, and by 'us' I mean Capsuleers. For some reason they verify we are free of 'Corruption', and the text implies they initiated some kind of testing; a 'proving'.

Augmented Foreign Narodnya #2

They were able to pull records from the Multibody Tracking Pylons and analyse them. From that working out that Capsuleer vessels are compatible with the tracking signal. For some reason that also indicates a lack of 'corruption'.

Augmented Foreign Narodnya

A group of Leshaks encountered a Capsuleer, destroyed their ship, again verified them free of 'corruption' and destroyed the capsule. Capsuleers appear to be outside their experience, so they are testing and trying to decide what to do with us.

Deviant Automata Vila

Deviant Automata Vila #1

Deviant Automata Vila

Deviant Automata Vila #2

Deviant Automata Vila

Deviant Automata Vila #3

Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya #1

Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya

Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya #2

Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya

Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya

Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya

Triglavian Hierachy.

Triglavian Organisation